Here’s to the future… while celebrating the past and history of my family…

Well, this is a new outlet for me and I hope you’ll come along with me on my journey. I’ll be documenting the rehab and re-design of my father’s childhood home.

My parents purchased the small modest home that my dad grew up in down in Southwest Georgia. When my dad was in college at the University of Georgia, his mother and father still lived in the tiny house. They were both tragically killed in a car accident when my dad was just 21 years old. After their deaths, the house was sold and exchanged hands through a couple of other families through the past 50 years. When the opportunity came up where my parents could purchase the home, they did just that with the intent of bringing it back to life and improve the house along with adding a little value to the tiny community where it’s located.

Here’s the small home before any renovation.

It’s a very simple house, and my mom said it was likely a Sears kit home from around 1920 or so. It looks like a ‘double shotgun’ house, with a bedroom on the right side right as you walk in the door. My grandfather used to use that space as his room. Behind the bedroom is a small bathroom and hallway, then another bedroom on the back side of the house (which was my Granny Webb’s). On the left side is the living room, dining area, and kitchen on the back of the house.

They have gutted the kitchen and will be getting modern cabinets and appliances to update the space. Hopefully, eventually it’ll look like this…

Kitchen inspiration….image pulled from Pinterest.

Also, there were 2 really odd spaces for the bathrooms, and we will just reconfigure those and add tiled showers. My mom purchased a pedestal sink for each bathroom and new toilets. Here’s how that’s coming along…

Bathroom being re-configured. New plumbing must be installed. The window will be taken out, and a transom window will be installed over where the shower will fit on the entire back wall.

Just getting all of the old, beat up cabinets out of the house, stripped it down to it’s core. It’s still got 1960’s-70’s paneling up in some of the rooms, but that’ll all be removed exposing the original wood plank walls.

I’m really excited to see it come along so far. My mom’s brother, Uncle Donnie, and his friend, Junior, have worked on everything so far, and I’m so proud of what they’ve done. I know my parents (and grandparents in heaven) are as well.

I’ll be going down this next weekend, and hopefully I can get some more pictures and updates on the rehab project. Hope everyone has a great week!

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